The destiny of a not so great blogger...

My life is like a dramatic hair flip ...slow and everyone hates it.

My name is Angie...
Your gift for following me is my terrible sense of humor.

Should I feel bad that I skipped all my books I started to read just to read a book I have read a thousand times


'are you as bored as I am' can be read from back to front and still make sense

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how many of us, as children, have had creeping thoughts of “i think i have a crush on somebody of my own gender” or “i wish i were another gender” and dismissed them so swiftly and so effectively because those ideas were unnatural and unconscionable that they never had the chance to grow into our identities? how many more of us, when finally told from childhood that queerness is a real and good option, will be queer and will love it?

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I was tagged by Sami, so five selfies of me.
I don’t know who to tag so if anyone wants to do this who hasn’t been tagged yet go ahead.


5 (actually 6) Selfies- tagged by drearydean

These are 6 of the weirdest pictures of me (and i love them!)

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I wish there was some sort of blanket you could cover yourself with but it didn’t make you warm it just provided the sensation of being covered because some nights it’s just too hot for a blanket but I need something covering me so it’s a choice between boiling to death or being completely vulnerable to monsters

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favourite quote
→ respect is to be earned, it cannot be brought with blood 

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